Walk a Mile in my shoes…

Growing up, I was certainly no stranger to adversity. I worked hard, and had plenty of sleepless and tear-filled nights…

I learned early on that if I wanted anything, I had to sacrifice and work hard for it.

Life didn’t give me a pass because I came from modest beginnings. With all that life has thrown at me I had to find a way to persevere… READ MORE >

An amazing new talk show that covers the full Spectrum of autism! Autism doesn’t only impact the person diagnosed, it impacts the entire family and everything connected including social life, relationships, dating, business, work, food, fashion, and mental health… This show is Fun, Informative and Encouraging. We Like to call it Prescription TV!


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Terri uses her 20+ years of entrepreneurial and executive level experience working with the highest performing companies in almost every industry to analyze, evaluate and transform business models through training and or motivational speaking.

Terri and her team currently train businesses, employers and employees on NeuroDiversity to understand autism and implement reasonable modifications in order to create workforce inclusive environments.

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Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker. Advocate.

Light a fire they can’t put out!

“A Commitment to see people thrive igniting a purpose to illuminate the journey beyond past or present obstacles in life. You are meant to SUCCEED.”

Every Next Level of your life will demand a new version of you. What mental roadblocks do you have that keep you from reaching what’s Next? What do you do when your vision isn’t clear? How do you stay committed through challenges? Are you equipped with the tools needed to succeed and sustain at your Next Level? I want to teach you vital tools necessary to grow then live on your Next Level.