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Terri Live

Terri uses her 20+ years of entrepreneurial and executive level experience working with the highest performing companies in almost every industry to analyze, evaluate and transform business models through training and or motivational speaking.

On The Spectrum Talk Show

An amazing new talk show that covers the full Spectrum of autism! Autism doesn’t only impact the person diagnosed, it impacts the entire family and everything connected including social life, relationships, dating, business, work, food, fashion, and mental health… This show is Fun, Informative and Encouraging. We Like to call it PrescriptionTV!

Jaden’s Voice

Advocating For Positive Change for People so that every voice is heard, every need is met and everyone is included.

BLAZE Academy

Igniting Your Ideas and Burning Obstacles Out of the Way! At Blaze, we focus on the business and the Entrepreneur ensuring that each entrepreneur is forfeited with the mental stamina necessary to tackle entrepreneurship.

Book: D-Day (Diagnosis Day) – Trials and Triumphs

D-Day (Diagnosis Day) – Trials and Triumphs – An Anthology thoughtfully crafted by Terri for Mothers and Fathers to share their journey and to collectively provide hope and healing to those impacted by Autism. Terri would love to have your experience published in this book.

My Blog

Get Motivation, valuable work-life strategies, tips, trends, laughs, discounts Autism facts and business resources that allow you to Live. Learn. Love and Grown.

“You Will Survive if the Fire Inside of You Burns Brighter than the Fire Around You…”

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